Your time is valuable

I will help you to invest it well, to manage your work and life priorities.

Time is the new luxury, make the most of it, invest in yourself.

About me

Everybody has a story. My long story short: I thrive on helping people, I love being the ‘go to’ girl.


Committed, passionate and creative young woman with over 12 years experience working in England, US and Spain. For me, travelling is the best wake up call ever.


Up close and personal: I am one of those people who always have fresh flowers at home. I am an amateur photographer and a breakfast lover.


Your project, my baby.


Less is more: find your right fit

I can guarantee you don’t need someone to work for you 40h/week. What you need is someone that can get you sorted.


Let’s be efficient, let me get things done so you can focus on what really matters.


Oriented to Startup companies, Family Offices, Private Equity…

Lifestyle & Concierge Management

One to one.

The most traditional PA rol, you tell me what you need, I will make it happen.

Lifestyle & Concierge is an ad hoc service for HNWI such as: social elite, Communication, Fashion and PR Agencies, elite athletes or very demanding entrepreneurs and families.

Traveling PA

All in.

This is a tailored role, only for high profile, very demanding, very exclusive clients. It requires to be on call 24/7 and the ability to travel with you without at a moment notice.






Different people have different needs, let me sort them out for you. Starting at 800€ p.c.m, depending on how many hours you need.


Further details regarding my services and fees, please get in touch.


It is not just what I do, but what my clients say about me.


So much to talk about and no time to waste.
Let’s have some coffee and have a chat, shall we?
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